Long Term Care Insurance provides a wide variety of services for people with a prolonged physical illness, injury, disability, or cognitive disorder, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Petretti & Associates, Inc. realizes the importance of understanding Long Term Care and its related topics. You can learn more about Long Term Care Insurance, and its related issues by visiting the LTC Leaning Center at the American Association for Long Term Care.

Topics discussed in the LTC Learning Center include:
· The costs of Long Term Care
· Why Long Term Care Insurance is for people of all ages
· Preparing for Long Term Care both emotionally and financially
· Common reasons why people purchase Long Term Care Insurance
· Understanding Medicaid and Medicare
· The methods used to fund Long Term Care needs
· Saving premiums to self-insure
· The cost of waiting to buy Long Term Care Insurance
· Long-Term Care Insurance in the news
· Understanding Long Term Care Insurance policies
· Using Long-Term Care Insurance to address your needs
· Co-Insuring a portion of the risk
· What to expect when applying for Long Term Care Insurance

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